Lens Hoods

HELIOPAN rubber lens shades are manufactured from a special rubber compound that is not affected by UV or temperature extremes.The rubber compund is welded onto the metal mounting ring so the hood can not come off of the ring.
A lens shade is one oft he most important accessories for photography. As a lens wihout a lens shade can be strongly effected by stray light which will reduce the contrast and , in color, the color saturation.The lens shade not only protects against the effects of stray light but also adds protection from environmental problems like rain or snow. It is important that the the proper length lens shade be used as one that is too wide forthe lens adds no protection and one that is too narrow can vignette.

Heliopan – Tele metal lens shads

Made of a non-tapered aluminium with screw threads in front and rear. They are designed for lneses longer than normal. They can be lengthened by screwing additional hoods togehter to make longer lengths for effective use wtih longerfocal length lenses.

Heliopan – Short metal lens shads

Same construction as the tele metal lens shade but sized for short normal lense.They also have thrads on both ends and can be combined with longer version.