For brilliant color reproduction, highest contrast and sharpness Heliopan
• The highest quality optical glass from the German Schott Group
• The longest life expectancy thanks to brass filter rims
• Minimal reflections because of matte black filter rings
• At least one high quality hard coating on each filter side to reduce
stray light, to maintain high contrast and to avoid flare (Reflections are
reduced from 8% to only 2.5% for each glass to air surface on each
side of the filter).
• SH-PMC broadband coatings of 8 layers per side for the highest reflection
reduction (below 0.2%) and:
• Dust and moisture repellent top coating on each side of the SH-PMC
coated filters for easy cleaning and longest life.

HELIOPAN usual coating


HELIOPAN SH-PMC Multicoating

SH-PMC Bildstudie A SH-PMC Bildstudie B SH-PMC Bildstudie C

Funktionsweise von SH-PMC

 The functionality of the new SH-PMC coating is demonstrated in the above pictures:
a) – A drop of water falling on the SH-PMC coating, due to the special properties of the top
coating, does not stick to the filter but collects with other drops.
b) – and runs to the edge of the filter
c) – where it stays since on the edge of the filter above does there is no SH-PMC coating
oncthe edge of the sample.