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The Heliopan filter company was founded in 1949 by Martin Summer in Gräfelfing-Munich. To make the company more independent HELIOPAN, in 1963, purchased the Kelpan company in Augsburg and integrated the into their product line. In addtion, in 1973, HELIOPAN purchased Kunststoff-Technik company in Aalen,who specialized in soft rubber goods.. HELIOPAN  products are indispensable accessories for digital and analog photgraphy. More than 60 years of experience in the production of photographic filters has made HELIOPAN world famous an indispensable for the amateur as well for the professional. Filters and lenses are used  for all purposes from documentary to creativ photography. HELIOPAN supplies a vast assortment of filters and accessories and also makes lens hoods, adapter rings,reversing rings,coupling rings and lens caps. Their produktion processes use glass and metal. Brass is used to make most of the rings for the filters and adapter rings. Aluminium is used for the rigid lens hoods like thetelephoto metal lens shades. For the rubber lens hoods a special rubber mixture is used. HELIOPAN manufactures all filters from glass from the German SCHOTT group.Their optical properties surpass that of gel filters.In addition they are extremly resitant against aging and fading.During production absolute plan parallelism is a must. To guarantee the filter’s effect the light transmittal must be uniform. Through the use of modern high tech equipment for metal manufactoring as well as for optical production the highest quality is guaranteed.

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Heliopan factory 1

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Heliopan factory 2

Whether for analog or Digital Photography: The best results are achieved by using correction filters – not by digitally enhancing in a software program as once undesired light parts are included in the image information a correction can only be achieved by reducing quality, if at all. Eg: A simulated IR effect will always remain a simulation and unsharpness from UV radiation in the blue channel, if no filter is used, will occur. The filter program from Heliopan – made in Germany – allows you to produce images of the highest quality – right from the start.